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Cambodia: 10x through the lens of my camera

How do I specify Cambodia 10 images? That’s nearly impossible. Especially now live here in Cambodia, I see different things than before. Okay, I’ll give it a try: 10x through the lens of my camera.

The beauty of Angkor

Every year more than 2 million tourists travel to Siem Reap to visit the world famous temple complex of Angkor. On a clear day in April I took this picture of Angkor Wat. Beautiful isn’t it?

On poles in Kampong Khleang

Kampong Khleang is 55 km away from Siem Reap, on the edge of Tonle Sap lake (which is the largest lake in South East Asia). Fascinating is that the whole village is about 10 meters high poles.


3 Stomach ache at the Killing Fields in Phnom Penh

Visit the Killing Fields and learn about the Khmer Rouge led by Pol Pot. He came to power and is ultimately held responsible for the deaths of 1.7 to 2 million people.


The influence of Pol Pot in Cambodia today

The higher educated people of the Cambodian population is killed. I believe that education is the basis for building a society. How to do that if 80% of the teachers are gone? That’s why I decided to train the Cambodian teachers in Siem Reap.


Idyllic islands at the south coast 

The number of travellers to the Cambodian Islands is increasing. Did you know that more than 60 small islands are located in the south of the country? Of these, about 30 uninhabited.


Steeds vaker zoeken reizigers de prachtige eilanden van Cambodja op. Wist je dat ruim 60 kleine eilandjes in het zuiden van het land liggen. Hiervan zijn er nog ongeveer 30 onbewoond.

Visit the colonial Kampot

Kep is located on the coast and is known for its crabs. Kampot is not far from Kep and is often beaten while more and more nice restaurants open their doors in the colonial town. Go there!


The monks, in bright orange clothes

Almost 90% of the population in Cambodia are followers of Hinayana Buddhism. You will see many monks in the country. The’re all wearning orange robes.


Souvenirs made in Cambodia

Actually it is a shame that most of the souvenirs sold on the tourist markets come from China or Vietnam. Siem Reap has a Made in Cambodia Market where you can buy local produced souvenirs. Let’s talk about STAMP for example. They print your photo on a postcard from banana plant. It’s a great 98% eco product and they create jobs for local people.


Fresh fish at the market

I really love markets in Asia, also in Cambodia. There is much activity, local people come together and they sell local products. It’s a real experience.


10 Beautiful people

Meet the locals, learn some Khmer and try to start a conversation… and you’ll see, the friendly smile comes quickly up!


Arinda is verslaafd aan reizen, gek op onderwijs en heeft een sterke ondernemingsdrang. Tijdens het reizen wordt duidelijk dat zij een sociale onderneming op wil zetten in een ontwikkelingsland. Haar grootste droom wordt werkelijkheid als ze haar baan als leerkracht in Singapore opzegt. Vanuit Cambodja deelt zij reisverhalen en handige tips van over de hele wereld!

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